Corona Stories – Anjali Mallik

Anjali Mallik is originally from Birgunj and studies in Central Naxal School for the Deaf in Naxal, Kathmandu. She had just completed her 12th-grade teaching examinations when the lockdown started, after which she returned home to Birgunj. She is preparing to study B.Ed and is interested in photo editing, animation and is currently studying computer science, for which she is assisted by her friend, who translates the things taught in the sign language, and also helps her in her daily life. She lost her hearing in her childhood but can speak to some extent. She had made a video teaching sign language to people in this lockdown, which received a lot of positive responses which has motivated her to make another one. Although she was petrified of the virus at first, the fact that its spread can be prevented by applying appropriate precautions has done enough to reassure her.

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