Corona Stories – Najbul Khan

Najbul Khan is a women’s rights advocate. She is currently invested as the chief coordinator for the “Aasan ma Mahila, Bhaasan ma Mahila, ra Shasan ma Mahila” (Inclusion of women in Seats, Speech, and System) campaign. Her campaign focuses on the status of Muslim women across Nepal. In the initial days of the pandemic, a rumor spread in her district which framed the Muslim community as the spreader of the Coronavirus. As a result, the community was socially boycotted and survival was difficult; especially for pregnant women and children. When Khan discovered this grim truth, she rode all the way to those communities in her Enticer and delivered all their necessities. She also collectivist government and individual financial aids to feed patients and families. She couldn’t sit back and watch her community suffer and believes that we need to overcome our fears and help each other out.

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