Weaving together different cultures and countries with our threads

Les Sûtras and its founder, Zenia Dutta Roy, are known in Luxembourg’s fashion industry not only for beautiful fabrics but also for sustainable production with cultural implications. The meaning of Les Sûtras originates from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit, meaning threads that bind. The logics behind such a meaningful brand name comes from Zenia’s initiative to bind two different countries, which she equally considers home, different fashions and cultures. Six years of venture and loyal customers prove that Zenia is accomplishing her mission. Her inspiration comes from European and Indian craftsmanship, different designs and fabrics, which are put together to create Les Sûtras.

Thus, Zenia points out that it is ” a brand that embraces products inspired by Indian art yet catered to the European taste”. She inherited her entrepreneurship skills from her mother, the owner of a small business back in India. Growing up seeing her mother creating beautiful and embroidered linens inspired her to follow the same path. Nevertheless, Zenia is finding inspiration in her childhood and in nature and the people surrounding her today. She encourages her clients to move out of their comfort zone and explore new styles. Yet, she believes that Luxembourg has openly welcomed the new fashion styles and bold colours introduced by Les Sûtras.

Another significance to Zenia’s creativity is her openness to customers’ suggestions, which she claims nurture her ideas and ultimately helped her to design new collections. Although the fashion industry is highly contributing to 10% of global pollution, and overproduction, Les Sûtras has a different setting, including sustainable, reusable, and eco-friendly materials. Hence, Zenia creates clothing that can never go out of style, they exude elegancy and classics. To prevent overproduction but also wastage, Zenia creates one-size-fit clothing pieces with an emphasis on limited editions, without keeping collections in stock. Furthermore, the majority of Les Sûtras products as scarves and jackets are unisex. The brand is promoting genderless fashion that gives you the freedom to be creative with what you wear.

The fashion industry is not a place of shared just values and principles, yet Zenia is remaining consistent with her mission of being ethical and fabulous at the same time.

Another added value to Zenia’s work is her contribution to the most underprivileged in her country of origin, India. Thus, for every Les Sûtras you buy, a part is donated for providing quality education to children in Odisha, India, in collaboration with the Luxembourgish non-for-profit Aide à l’Enfance de l’Inde et du Népal (AEIN). Zenia added: We completely believe that “Education Is the Key” and that this is the most important way we can help underprivileged children to progress and grow. We are very thankful to AEIN for believing in us and helping us in making our dream of giving back to society come true.

Les Sûtras doors are open for you! The store is located at Gallery Beaumont – 56, Grand-Rue (Paris 8 Gallery), Luxembourg City. Welcome!

‘Les Sûtras look forward to expanding and growing while weaving together different cultures and countries with our threads, creating value and magic every day.’ – Zenia Dutta Roy, owner of Les Sûtras.
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