Les Sûtras supports children in Orissa

Through our projects, AEIN seeks to promote sustainable development, create long term impact, and empower the most vulnerable in India and Nepal. AEIN is not alone in achieving this mission. We believe in impact through cooperation. One of such is with Zenia Dutta Roy, founder of the Luxembourgish brand Les Sûtras. Besides authentic and handcrafted scarves and jewellery, inspired by Indian design, Zenia is also producing change.  On International Women’ Day, generous Zenia donated 650EUR which will contribute to providing quality education to the children of our project in Orissa, India.

Les Sûtras is located in the Luxembourg City Center, in the Galerie Beaumont, Grand-Rue. If you want to be part of our action, you can buy a Les Sûtras and part of your contribution goes to our education project in India. Les Sûtras is sharing our values and principles by being a socially responsible brand. Eco-friendly in its production, using sustainable materials and reusable packaging.

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