Call for donations: AEIN supports poorest in India and Nepal affected by COVID-19

Press release :

In Luxembourg, and many countries around the world, we have now spent more than a month in lock-down. While this experience has been different for everyone, there is no doubt that it has been the hardest on those who live in poverty.

In countries such as India and Nepal, low-income workers who depend on a minimum daily wage to survive have been driven to extreme starvation, as the lockdown has forced businesses and their income-sources to shut down. Children, who depend on free or subsidised meals at schools are now forced to go hungry, as their parents who do not have work anymore are unable to provide them with their basic nutrition needs.

Aide à l’Enfance de l’Inde et du Népal (AEIN) who have been doing development work in India and Nepal for over 50 years, have focussed their efforts on supporting those who have been worst-hit by the coronavirus crisis.

They are working with 18 partners in seven Indian states and eight districts in Nepal to provide those severely impacted with the means to be healthy and financially secure during this difficult situation. Their initiatives include:

  • Providing food and rations for children, tribals, women and families without an income
  • Awareness raising on social distancing and good hand hygiene in villages and through a radio programme in local languages
  • Distribution of hand-soap, masks, gloves and sanitiser to families and personal protective equipment (PPE) to health centres
  • Organising psycho-social counselling sessions in safe houses and through phone lines
  • Assisting poor farmers with their harvest activities and in the transportation of their produce
  • Distributing seed, animal fodder and drinking water to poor farmers

Within days after receiving the first news from the field, AEIN decided to commit 75’000 Euros to assist with the most urgent needs. They are now in contact with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Luxembourg to explore further funding avenues to continue supporting the communities in the aftermath of the lockdown.

If you would like to help, donations can be made to their bank account:

CCPL LU03 1111 0367 5084 0000, with the reference “Covid-19”,

or by Digicash:

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