Donation appeal: AEIN supports poorest in India and Nepal affected by second COVID-19 wave

Press release – 3 May 2021

India is currently overwhelmed by a second wave of Covid-19 contaminations putting the health care system on the brink of collapse. Nearly 400,000 new cases have been identified in the past twenty-four hours, and some 3,700 people have died from the coronavirus in the same timeframe on Saturday, the largest increase on record in one day, bringing the total toll to more than 215,000 deaths. A dramatic situation that many experts believe to be largely undervalued.

“What we need most are food and basic medical supplies, including oxygen cylinders, oximeters, thermometers and protective masks. “Medical kits” that work like first aid kits “, tells us Anuradha Mohanty, director of our partner PECUC in Odisha.

Nepal, which shares an open border of over 1,800 km with India, is also hit hard by the second wave of Covid-19. The Nepalese health system, already very fragile before the crisis, is crumbling under the number of patients and the lack of hospital beds, oxygen, medicines, health workers … The small Himalayan state has seen more than 7,000 new contaminations in one day, with a positivity rate of over 39%.

Luxembourg-based non-profit organisation Aide à l’Enfance de l’Inde et du Népal (AEIN) who have been doing development work in India and Nepal for almost 55 years, have focussed their efforts on supporting those who have been worst-hit by the coronavirus crisis.

They are working with 11 partners in 5 Indian states and 16 districts in Nepal to provide those severely impacted with the means to be healthy and financially secure during this difficult situation. Their initiatives include:

  • Purchase of oxygen cylinders and oximeters
  • Distribution of “medical kits”, hand-soap, masks, gloves and sanitiser to families and personal protective equipment (PPE) to health centres
  • Funding of medical consultations for the most disadvantaged, and awareness raising on vaccination, social distancing and good hand hygiene in villages and through a radio programme in local languages
  • Providing food and rations for children, tribals, women and families without an income and/or having been tested positive
  • Assisting poor farmers with their harvest of fruits and vegetables and in the transportation of their produce
  • Funding of essential emergency relief to respond to rapid changes on the ground

Since more than a year of the start of this devastating pandemic, we know the most vulnerable are hit the hardest. In the face of this humanitarian crisis, our partners and beneficiaries are showing extraordinary courage and good heartedness.

AEIN needs your support to act quickly to save lives and help the most vulnerable.

If you would like to help, donations can be made to their bank account:

CCPL LU03 1111 0367 5084 0000, with the reference ‘Covid-19’,

or online via

ou via Digicash:

For more details, please contact or call +352 47 21 55.

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