Filmscreening: “Johar – Welcome to our world” with director Nilanjan Bhattacharya

Johar Welcome to Our World, explores the intricate relationship the adivasis (tribals) of Jharkhand (India) have with their forests. The film documents traditional recipes, the medicinal qualities of various herbs, weeds and fruits and the traditional knowledge of their sustainable management by the adivasis. The film also lays how mindless, aggressive development and skewed conservation policies have damaged the tribals’ relationship with their land and pushed them deeper into food insecurity.

The film is an attempt to draw attention towards an overlooked but rich and environmentally sustainable food culture that is hugely significance for a country like India.
Written, directed and produced by Nilanjan Bhattacharya

Film will be followed by a Q&A with the Director  

When: 05.06.19 at 19h00

Where: Oekozenter Paffendall – 6 Rue Vauban, 2663 Luxembourg

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