Hope Story: Pasang’s journey towards quality education

Meet Pasang Tamang from Panauti municipality, Nepal. His village’s remoteness limits access to quality education and resources, making life challenging for young Pasang. Frequent absences from school, poor hygiene, and low academic performance were characteristic of his past.

Fortunately, Indradevi School took the initiative to organize a “Good Parenting” workshop for the parents, with support from AEIN-ARD project. Srijana, Pasang’s mother, was among the many parents who actively participated in the workshop.

The “Good Parenting” Workshop became a turning point for Srijana and Pasang. She learned the significance of parental engagement in education. Determined to make a positive change, she began investing more time in Pasang’s education and well-being.

“I understood that by being involved in my child’s education, I can help him excel academically and in life,” she said.

With the newfound love and care from his mother, Pasang’s life took a positive turn. He now receives the attention he deserves, attends school regularly, is dressed neatly, and is prepared to learn. Srijana’s dedication has helped Pasang develop a keen interest in his studies, resulting in significant improvements in his academic performance.

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